Linking to my namecheap domain

I have place 2 domains in infinityfree, one of them custom

A- | htdocs
B- | htdocs

domain A is working on http

My goal is to keep using domain A with https and the www subdomain and on any other subdomain (or even the main one), http and https get redirected to the www subdomain ON HTTPS.

I have already added the dns servers and are recognized by infinityfree dashboard thingy, I THINK I need to add a www subdomain so i can request an ssl certificate for it, but it is not letting me add a www subdomain. How do i do this?

Domain B has been added with htdocs as an alias to domain A, is this right?

Thank you!

Hi and welcome to the forum

The certificate is automatically done for the www variant as well as for naked during the process.

It depends what you want

I looked at your A variant
it is quite a simple page and it would be better if you create it also on the .com version (B), of course, change the links (html code) to reflect the real domain name.

So, I would add the .com domain as an addon domain and then upload the website to its corresponding htdocs folder.

Here you have a part that is not inside the <script> tag, so it is treated as plain text and is visible on your website


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