Linking to cname


Hi, is there way to link my hosting to my domain? Without changing nameservers? I want to add my hosting to my domain but i dont want (and i cannot) change nameservers, how to do it?

there no other way i think soo
if you can’t change your newsletter, go to another website hosting provider that support cnames (I got a warning to not advertise other competitors in this forum)

If what your asking is, can you manage your domain’s DNS, then the answer is this:

From this hosting: No

From your Domain Provider or Cloudflare: Yes

Your question is a little bit unclear. You asking to link your hosting to your domain? Do you mean add your domain to your hosting account?

I have hosting here and i want connect it to my domain but i cant change nameservers, is there another way?

Why can’t you change the Nameservers?

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because i have 20+ dns records on cloudflare and i dont want to delete it and i have some special records that isnt supported here

You can backup the records using the export option, and change the nameservers to us and after you move back there


Oh, cloudflare allows you to change your nameservers for short time, which means that you can change nameservers to ours, add your domain through parked domains section, then change your nameservers back to cloudflare ones.


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