Linking Cheapname domain

I am trying to link my Domain from Cheapname to my free hosting here at Infinity.

I have followed this -

I have entered the nameseverrs on Cheapname managed area but I feel like I am missing something. How do I link the domain name to ?!

You need to add your domain from the “Parked Domains” section of the Control Panel after waiting until the nameservers are propagated if you want to park your domain to your existing website.


add the domain name from CheapName here?


I tried but did not work, maybe too soon?

Yes, you do.

After the nameservers changes have propagated (usually it takes 30 minutes to 24 hours for the changes to propagate), then you can add it and it will work. If it says that your domain you’re trying to add is a subdomain (or similar things), insist adding the domain until it’s parked successfully.

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I have added infinitys name servers on my account at Cheapname like the below.

I will check later to see if I can add my domain in the conrol panel here later, thank you.

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I notice the list of domains in this drop down, are these the only . domains recognised and accepted? I get an error when I try to add my domain saying illegal characters.


What domain are you trying to add in? Also, all domains can be added, except .tk ones, on that section.


Is that going to cause a problem?

No, it won’t. If you’re using a domain that has a name (and not extension) with internationalized characters, convert the domain name in punycode before you can use them! Also, make sure you didn’t copy any spaces after / before the domain name that prevents that from being added, or insert any special characters after the domain name.

EDIT: If you’re reading this topic, I’m helping him in a private message.


Ok I think I have got it working, thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

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