Linked html file/image file not showing

Can’t find the file path name

I uploaded the required files in the “htdocs” folder and linked a .html file and an image to the “index.html” file specifying the path as /htdocs/“file-name”.
But neither image nor the linked page is working.
Then, what should be the file path name for linking items?

Since htdocs is the root folder, you don’t include it for absolute file paths. So if your image is saved in a folder called “img”, your code would be:

<img src=“/img/image.png” alt=“hello”>


You do not need to add “htdocs” as it automatically locates the file in htdocs.


htdocs or for example on another hosting can have the name public or www is the place where files that will be publicly available (online via browser) are placed.

Don’t look at it as another folder in the tree,
but as a starting place from where all files for your website are loaded.

htdocs =

if you create a folder called “images” inside htdocs
then this is the address in browser


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