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no error message, don´t find the article how to link to a picture

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I have uploaded a *jpg picture to Webstoreage under a folder called Picture.
What URL do I need to use to see this picture in a email message or on website?

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What is your domain?


created today.

Most likely*jpg


I thought this should work, but it doesn´t, thats why I open a thread :wink:
could it be that it take a bit, before it work?

Can you see it if you navigate to the Picture/ folder in the online FTP?


don´t know where I can navigate to th eurl.
If I try to open on windows explorer
tell me that the URL is not abvailable or permission not availabel

I see E404 for

Please make sure the folder is there


I hope so, where I can create fodlers and upload files has a different URL.

The picture folder should be inside htdocs. should be used instead


I changed it.
But immediatelly get the info back 404
If I use IP I see in account details same error.

You never visit IPs here. That IP’s shared and isn’t just for you.

Did you put the picture folder inside htdocs?

Also notice that our servers are case sensitive, if you put picture inside htdocs then you cannot use Picture in the url.

And you should never put htdocs in the url.

For further information please see


Yes, and the first folder out of htdocs, I have deleted.
regarding case sensitive, that was clear. I took care of it, that I wrote it exactly as on the file folder.


but in that case, I guess it could theoretically work, but because of DNS caching it can work on Wednesday first?

This won’t be about DNS caching, it’s about browser caching — hit Ctrl + F5 on a pc or use incognito mode to see if the issue persists.


ok, incognito mode show it, without HTTP only HTTPS

is it somehow possible to change that the folder source is reachable over https.
http source are blocked from all outlook clients I tried :frowning:

The folder structure has nothing to do with HTTPS.


Please note that using our hosting only as media library to store images for use in emails is not allowed, and most likely will not work either.


ok thank you, I will try it out.