So my sister bought a domain from LetsHost.ie so I can make a site for her and it give me this error when I try point the domain to your name servers

“Your DNS change has failed as your hosting provider has not made their DNS servers “Authoritive” for your domain. Please contact your hosting provider and request this. LetsHost cannot resolve this error”

When I tried reading their FAQ this is what it said

“To fix this and to be able to repoint your domain name, you will need to contact your hosting provider and ask them to ensure there is a DNS record set up specifically for this domain name on the nameservers. LetsHost cannot fix this for you, only the hosting provider responsible for the nameservers to which you are trying to repoint can ensure the record is in place. If you forward this email to your hosting provider, they will know what to do.”

Short version: we will setup the DNS zone for a domain name when the domain name is added to an account. And to add the domain to an account, you need to point it to our nameservers first. And your domain provider does not allow that. It’s a catch-22.

But we need the nameserver change to verify you can control the domain, your registrar just checks the nameservers to prevent typos. Ask your registrar to skip the verification and set the nameservers anyways, we cannot configure our DNS zone without the nameservers being changed first because we must verify you are the domain owner.

Longer version: basically everything that was said here.

That’s their reply

“Thank you for the email.
For .ie domain it is a requirement that their is a specific record for the domain on the nameservers.
You will need to contact the hosting provider responsible for the nameservers and ask them to ensure there is a dns record on those nameservers specifically for this domain.
Please forward this email onto so the can do this.
Once the record has been created you will be able to update the nameservers here.”

Well, for InfinityFree it’s a requirement that there are specific nameservers on the domain name for the domain to be added. We’re at an impasse here and we’re not able to verify domain name ownership in any other way at this moment.

“Unfortunately it is a technical requirement for .ie domains that a record is added to the nameservers prior to the change. There should however be other ways to verify domain ownership, for example we could add a specific DNS record such as a text record to the nameservers the domain currently uses to proof ownership. This is the most common to validate domain ownership in the industry.”

Unfortunately, it’s a technical requirement for InfinityFree that the nameservers are added to the domain name prior to the change. There should however be ways to set the nameservers before the nameservers are set up.

It’s just a typo check on their end, I cannot think of a single valid reason on why they should prevent you from setting your nameservers if you know the values are correct.