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I have obtained Letsencrypt SSL Certificate from InfinityFreeApp under Free SSL Certificates TAB, everything is running Ok, but when I try to test SSL via WhyNoPadLock it seems like something is not right, it showing Invalid Intermediate.
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It probably wants a CA (Chain authority) which is not possible. Most browsers will work fine, but unusual or old browsers might go a bit crazy about the lack of a CA. First try was fine.


So there is no way to fix it? I mean if I manage to get manual SSL from Letsencrypt with Chain Certificate (Certificate + Intermediate), does InfinityFree allow me to use it?

It won’t let you use the chain certificate, but otherwise it’s fine. I tested your site on Mozilla Firefox.


What I am worried about is SSL labs “B” Grade, just because of this Chain issue.

Add your domain manually to CloudFlare. That shd resolve the issue.


I am already using Cloudflare NSs and I turned off Cloudflare SSL because I am using LetsEncrypt SSL. Is there any other way you referring?


As Fury said it’ll not be a big problem. UNLESS you are planning to sell something?

Well, I won’t be selling anything but I have planned to create WP site for Amazon Product with referrals.

yeah so shouldnt be a problem. Only OLDDDD browsers like Internet Explorer will throw unsecure err

even IE doesnt have a problem!

So I should not worry about it. Seems good.
One more thing, I have turned off Orange Clouds on Cloudflare and they are Grey now, as I’m using LetsEncrypt SSL, does my website still be cached with Cloudflare?

grey clouds means that its not proxied through CF so most prob not

If I turn On Orange Cloud then I won’t be able to use LetsEncrypt SSL, Cloudflare enforce theirs. Any method to counter it?

No. I’d suggest using CF ssl as I know that every web browsers support their SSL. Your decision

You are still using LetsEncrypt SSL on origin server. Only browser side is using CF SSL…


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