Letsencrypt certificate installation failing

payal.journo or Website URL: payal-singhal.com

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I am trying to install letsencrypt certificate but it fails again and again and the error message says:

SSL certificate error: An unknown error occurred. Please try again later.

Even though CNAME is set-up correctly

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Probably got rate-limited. Please try after some time or use another SSL provider.

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If a rate limit was hit, you’d get an error message saying that.

In this case, it seems like Let’s Encrypt just wasn’t able to verify the DNS validation for some reason. There doesn’t seem to be a clear reason why.

But I see you also have valid SSL certificates from both GoGetSSL and ZeroSSL already. So maybe you can just use those?


Yes, the SSL certificates from GoGet and ZeroSSL are already there but they are getting errors on certain browsers, thats why I was trying to see if I can use LetsEncrypt. Also, for some reason, I am not able to redirect all traffic to https instead of http even though I have updated the Wordpress settings and also, updated .htaccess file as per infinityfree article.

Like what errors? Those certificates will work just fine without any errors if installed correctly.

Your website is working over HTTPS for me, but it does not redirect to it. Can you share your htaccess file?


this is the error I am getting with ZeroSSL certificate:

Deceptive site ahead

Attackers on payal-singhal.com may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers or credit cards). Learn more

To get Chrome’s highest level of security, turn on enhanced protection

Back to safetyHide details

Google Safe Browsing recently [detected phishing] on payal-singhal.com. Phishing sites pretend to be other websites to trick you.

You can [report a detection problem] or, if you understand the risks to your security, [visit this unsafe site].

I can open it just fine.


Well, that has nothing to do with your SSL certificate. As it says, Google detected phishing on your website, be it the content, the domain name, or someone reported it so. My guess is it was detected from the domain name: “payal” looks like “paypal” which is a popular financial technologies website and the domain name looks like it could be faking someone out.

In my visiting the website, I do not experience any problems. It loads fine (a little slow, but it’s Wordpress) and the redirect to HTTPS works.


i am still getting the phishing error from Google for some reason. I have added the plugin Really Simple SSL and thats what is enabling the redirect, i think.

Once again, this is not about the SSL. Google is flagging your site because of the contents, not its security.


Thanks, working with Google now to resolve this. Very weird that they have flagged this warning but taking a lot of time to remove it.

even my antivirus is blocking me from visiting your website for malware and tricks to loot reasons. More:


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