Let's Encrypt SSL status still showing Draft

Although I have added CName Records, after one hour it is showing draft why not pending or some progress?

I look up DNS records on the https://mxtoolbox.com/ - it is showing DNS found but when i click verify it is show this no cNAME found something-

Maybe the problem, is self-signed SSL active. How can I remove this can anyone let me?

No, you did not

Just delete from VPanel

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I don’t know what exactly you checked on MXtoolbox, but the CNAME record you need to setup is not setup yet. I also checked your control panel, and there are no CNAME records there.

Here is a third party DNS lookup tool that checks this too:

Please add the specified CNAME record to verify your domain name. If you’re not sure how, you can click the View Instructions link to get step by step information.

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Hi admin, thanks for replying to me. Status now issued. I faced the problem, I don’t know what exactly it was for let’s encrypt. Anyway, I see ZeroSSL now issued.

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