Let us delete expired, failed or revoked SSL certificates

In the ‘Free SSL Certificates’ there should be a option to let us delete or remove the failed or revoked certificates as it can clutter the whole SSL Certificates section. There is no need to keep that certificates!


I do have to agree with you on this one. While having the ability to delete active certificate probably is not the best idea, I do agree that expired / failed certs should be hidden by the user if desired.


So we can expect this change soon?

That is going to be up to Admin. He is the only one that can introduce new features to the client area.


It’s added to the backlog. It’s not that difficult to implement, but it’s also not that critical in my opinion. You can already use the filters at the top to show to only show certificates with a certain status in case you have trouble finding a pending order or an active certificate in the list.


Yea u can use filter and it’s easy… But it’s just a small detail that gives eyes a lill comfort?

Thx for considering this… hope it will be implemented soon as possible :heart:

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If you bookmarks this link (status 2) you should be able to just view your issued ssl certs


It is actually implemented already. I neglected to announce it, but you can now delete certificate orders with any status, except for Pending (because deleting orders that are being processed is messy).


Cool. Thanks for the quick solution.

I just deleted all my old expired records. The deleting worked fine. They are now gone. But, what does this mean?

Interesting, I haven’t seen that before either.

But considering how it looks on desktop, I think clicking that button will show a dropdown that shows the different filter options. I’ll take a look if that “Show” text can be changed to something that makes more sense.


The screenshot was taken on a Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet running Android in portrait mode. I am using Vivaldi for my browser. The delete functioned worked correctly. The previous records are now gone.

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