Lately I get Origin DNS Error

I never had this issue before but have been randomly experiencing it a few times per day since the recent downtime

Are the two connected in some way ?

Maybe this will help?


i’ll have to try and understand all that when im feeling more alert

what I dont understand is that everything was working fine and I havent changed any settings in over 6 months

its only until the recent downtime and then I started to see this error message randomly, when the error happens I wait for 5 to 30 mins then reload the page and it comes back

How is your DNS configuration set up in Cloudflare? Are you pointing the domain with CNAME records to our servers? Are you using your account’s main domain in there or something else?

You can try to replace the CNAME record with an A record pointing to your website IP as shown in the client area. That way, you completely eliminate the origin DNS from the equation, which should fix this issue.

Which downtime are you referring to? There have not been any recent outages on the domain specifically if my memory serves.


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