Laravel Queue


I want to ask if the Laravel Queue work in infinityfree? because as I know to let the queue work in laravel it needs to run a command in terminal

Running any sort of console commands on InfinityFree is blocked. So running any sort of artisan command is not going to work I’m afraid.

Additionally, to run a Laravel queue, you don’t just need to run a command, you need to run a program continuously in the background to execute the jobs. I don’t know of any shared hosting provider which allows this (both free and paid), let alone provides the tools to do so properly.

The InfinityFree client area is built with Laravel as well, and does use the queue driver. But the client area runs on it’s own server where it has access to Redis as well and can run the queues with Supervisor. I don’t know any hosting provider which offers either of those.

Laravel is a great framework, but it’s just not designed with shared hosting in mind. Laravel simply works best on a VPS or a more developer centric service like Heroku.