Laravel Mail Not Working on iFastnet Hosting


Can someone please help, I’ve created a website using Laravel and fully tested it on my local server, once I put it on ifastnet hosting suddenly the mail submissions are no longer working but they are still working fine on my localhost server, I will paste the error I am getting on the server below.

Thank you in advance

wdym? are you using infinityfree hosting or premium hosting from iFastNet?


That is a problem with how you setup SMTP. Make sure you are using an APP Password, not your Google account password.


++ enable less secure app access

No, you should not turn that on.


Hmm ok. I never use it anyway.

I am using the premium hosting, and i have a normal google account configured for it

In addition less security is also enabled and all the needed steps are done, as i said on localhost it’s working fine but on the online server it’s not thats the main issue

In case your are using gmail, you need to turn it on

What’s APP Password? In case i am using a gmail account

To make a few things clear:

  1. Enabling “Less Secure Apps” is NOT recommended for anyone. You should use APP Passwords instead.
  2. Search your google account settings to find APP Passwords
  3. Localhost has a LOT less security features, and some companies (Like Google/Gmail) place less restrictions on requests coming from localhost.
  4. This forum is for InfinityFree users. Pease visit for premium support.



Thank you for the help, when i used the APP Passwords generated for the google settings it worked perfectly.


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