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I’m trying to deploy laravel 8 project. I’ve uploaded all the files, move the index.php from public folder to root folder and do some modification so that it can access vendor folder & bootstrap folder correctly, but when I open the website, it says 404 error. I’m 100% sure that I’ve placed all the file right at its place

I’ve also modified the .env folder so that it can access the database in the online server.

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Somewhere in the route is probably a problem
check all important config files

if I type index.php in the address I get a page that is a login


and it seems to me that your entire assets folder is empty or that it doesn’t exist at all and that’s why a lot of resources are missing.

It’s late here and I don’t have any more concentration so I can’t do more than this… but at least you have some clue.


Why can’t I access it without mentioning index.php?

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It looks like you tried to make Laravel work by copying the contents of the public folder to the main directory.

This could work, but you also need to copy the .htaccess file if you do.

But I would recommend to just leave the public folder as-is and use this .htaccess rule instead:


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