LAg or bug?

Error Message

I had an issue with an astra template it didn’t load the products menu in the wp main menu so i decided to delete my site . After that i deleted all the plug ins that i had cuz i had a debugg issue with woocommerce currently im sitting here wiating 10 minutes to import a new theme while deleting the previous one and it seems that it’s stucked at 22/100 items deletion . What i i can do ?
‘’''The import process can take a few minutes depending on the size of the sites and speed of the connection.

Please do NOT close this browser window until the sites is imported completely.

Deleting Post 22 of 100
Deleted - Post ID 1408 - nav_menu_item - Women Jeans’‘’‘’’

Other Information

i deleted my old domain and i added a new one under the addon domains section but still i do not see it when i click to my account name under the accounts section . My account still has the old domain url must be the 72 hours period i guess ?
And probably i am wrong somewhere somehow…

Suggestion : You should make youtube videos for your services i did found a video about the ssl and how to do it… just saying, thanks’’
I deleted my old domain cuz google had it red!

This mail is to inform you that your site with the username ************ has utilised over 50% of its daily resource limits.“”"

The free plan is a great place to get your site online and**********, however it does have limited resources available to it,

I saw that now… so it isn’t unlimited but is better at nothing so thanks.Thus in other words you can only have a simple site maybe that’s why i cant delete the previous theme and reupload a new one…

Note that this is free hosting; it is meant for smaller sites, not for large complicated ones.

If your using the Online Filemanager to upload files, don’t. Use an FTP Client like FileZilla.


So you have a valid license for Astra?


I’m using(testing) the free templates … nice promo by u,

So do you mean nulled?


He’s not promoting, Soundar is sharing the price of theme of which you claim is ‘free’


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