Kernel connection

Hello. I was just curious as to which kernel the server was using. Thanks.

There are several types of servers (depending on the purpose) on this hosting.
Which one do you mean exactly? hosting space?

I believe version information is secret
in short CentOS, Nginx and Apache

are you looking for some CVE ? :slight_smile:

or since you have the word “connection” in the title you may be trying to accomplish
something related to generic application protocols or shell ?

I think (if I am not mistaken) the servers run CloudLinux, Apache and Nginx on Linux kernel 3.x.

The servers run on CloudLinux, and to my knowledge there are multiple versions in use right now. Some are based on CentOS, others on AlmaLinux. So it’s a CloudLinux patched Linux kernel, but the exact version probably varies by server.

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Thank you.

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