Just uploaded to Monsta FTP, now what?

I just uploaded my file to the FTP provided by infinityfree, do I need to do something else, or will my website come online on its own?

Hi and welcome to the forum!

If the file you uploaded is an index file of the following formats: index.php, index.html and index.htm, then when you visit your website you should see it right away, else you’ll be two clicks away to access it - and for that you should either consider renaming the file you uploaded to one of those or adding this to your .htaccess file (you need to create it on your htdocs folder, don’t use the one on the / or root folder):

# replace home.html with your website's index file
DirectoryIndex home.html

, replacing home.html with the file you want to show as home page (I wrote that in the comment as well). If you still can’t see it and instead you see an error page or an advertisement page, please note that it can take up to 72 hours for your website to start working:

That’s all the help I can give without sharing your domain name. If you want more help, you should consider sharing it (and compiling the template) so we can help you even more.


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