Just set 000 perms on a folder by accident, how can i revert it?

So, by accident on filezilla, i set a directory with images perms to 000 and now i cant even manage it. Could a root user reset the perms back to normal? fceu_18477125/davidosky99.xyz/htdocs/folder with 000 perms. Thanks :slight_smile:


Sorry for the late response, however as far as I remember this was a nasty thing that sometimes happens, but so far cannot be fixed.

I am not sure, but maybe @Admin knows if the fix exists now. Can you access it? If you can access it maybe you can try to move out the files to another folder, then delete the 000 folder and rename the other folder to the name of folder which you set to 000 and move it back in the same directory.

Unfortunately, there is no way to reset permissions right now.