Just opened a website, disabled instantly

Username: http://itaswim.epizy.com/

Error Message: An Error Occurred

Services for this domain name have been disabled.

Other Information: I just created the website, used the file manager to upload the correct files I was going to use and proceeded to the website to receive this error… I’ve used InfinityFree before and I followed the same steps as before (obviously this time the files were different) and I didn’t have this error occur.

Google Chrome, Website created around 60 minutes ago.

Works perfectly for me… Try refreshing your browser cache, ctrl + f5

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Still not working for me

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this is the site right?

Yeah, but I even went on my Phone and accessed the site for the first time, still same error… I have absolutely no Idea how you can pull it up.

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Hmm… Wait for about 24hrs. Or use a VPN

VPN seems to work, do you have any Ideas as to why my entire internet connection seems to have this error?

Ok! Contact your ISP. Sometimes they can play a role.

because of your isp cache, note that it takes up to72 hours to work everywhere.


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