Just need to check this allowed

So, when I added my site to InfinityFree, Email Accounts were still supported. The Roundcube Mail site is hosted on an Unsecure Ip Address, so I just thought is it allowed to point one of my sub-domains to this ip address so I can access the site securely? As it stands I pointed a sub-domain to this ip and it does all seem to work.

Pardon? I don’t seem to understand, For the records email accounts are NOT supported, But what is your question exactly?

When I first signed up for hosting, Email accounts WERE still supported. But the Roundcube mail on the CPanel is on an unsecure Ip Address. All I did was point a sub-domain to this IP Address.

Ok, Cool, Probably allowed, anyone can point to an Ip adress, However it comes close to Terms of Service 6.4;

  • forge headers or otherwise manipulate identifiers in order to disguise the origin of any Content transmitted through the Service;

In which changing an IP or hostname may, however because the service is out i doubt it has any effect


I don’t see any problems with this. Just note that this is not supported and may break at any time without notification and without possibility for a fix.


Thanks! I just wanted to do anything against the rules!

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