Just got here, can not see my siteDEC6TUE srvr update or?

A bit of a question, just got here to the forum … so , as said, can’t see my site, HEY I TOOK YOUR logo off the front page. Am I in trouble or are you upgrading servers?

Oh yeah, also what is my forum password ? , couldn’t find it anywhere in profile jus my email

NO your blurb when I clicked to here >> If you need help with your hosting account or website, please use the Hosting Support category instead.

No a bit of a question really.

I’m sorry, but I don’t quite understand the reason for your post.

Can you clarify what the question you have is?


Well I can’t see my site … randmax … the ftp business works flawlessly, … a while ago , few days ago OXYdac said or hinted remove your infinity LOGO from front of site, DONE.

Anyway, now I can’t seem to see my webpage, am I in trouble? Hope not, I was having the best of time tinkering around, I love this place.

— Ancient old coder …, waiting to TUE6,2022edited>[HEAR ! ] back .

OH, i can’t see my password anywhere in my profile for this forum, I reviewed all my Logs, … what I tried to log in with … produced errors.
THe only reason I’m in now was using an old browser and clicked in from email place.

k, hope I was a bit clearer.


Your forum password is the same as your InfinityFree client area password. If you forgot it, you can use the reset password link in the client area.

As for your website, can you share your domain name?



… thx

… reading

k, domain web url::::


HEY … we need some more posting in here of certs, a couple keys oh and passwords would be fine also.


… XD


GREAT PLACE BY THE WAY, happy holidays.

I think you are affected by this:


k, hta’s T H A T

is a relief … see, I have the best time tinkering around, OLD SKILLS … went through a recent fire and loss so don’t have any of my systems or software, just using notepad and a couple browsers… LOADS OF FUN … well for me anywayzz … helps pass the time in winter nights… yes DRONING ON AND ON and on … well i hope that is all, and I’m happy to wait … if things clear up and servers are running again >… WELL THAT WOULD BE GREAT! THanks for reply btw

- -RM

HEY ! … ??? i thought we had seven days to talk before this session closed?


just kidding —


thanks for removing the logo (although I cannot confirm due to the current situation with the servers).

A few days before? lol


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