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There is no error message, just a simples question: what is the timezone of your servers?
I’ve realized that my usage notifications and my daily resources limits do not reset after midnight. My timezone is UTC-3, so it gets me confused…

Thank you in advance!

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the servers are in or near london, and are under the GMT+1/BST timezone

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I don’t think the stats reset at exactly midnight.
I believe they don’t even reset exactly every 24 hours.


I thought we already had this conversation. They are not in London, although they are close.

I agree as well. Although I don’t know for sure, I think the stats reset about every 24 hours, starting when the account is created. I could be wrong with that however.

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Oh I see, so I’m not that crazy haha, because I had just realized that as the resets do not follow a pattern as well. So I think the only way to know then is by testing it.
Thank you guys!

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The timezone of the free hosting servers and control panel are UTC-5 (EST). The client area is in UTC.

They are in Newcastle, which according to Google maps is a 276 mile drive to London. I wouldn’t call that “close”.


or near

Thank you so much, Admin! So it means that where I live, UTC-3, the stats will reset every 2:01am, right? I hope I’m not that bad at math haha

Yep! Note that they don’t reset exactly every 24 hours. So sometimes it might reset at 2:10 or maybe at 1:57.


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