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the first free domain I selected when signing up, is listed in Vpanel under Addon Domains. a message says:

Note: You must set your domains name servers to the following before adding the domain to this system:

the support page for domains and DNS says:

“The nameservers of your domain name are a setting at your domain registrar to allow you to host a domain name with a different provider. So you need to change these settings at the site where you bought your domain name.”

but it’s not a seperately registered domain, it’s hosted here.

it does work. uploaded a test index.html and it loads. what I am concerned with is the location of the folders on the server (seen with FTP). that domain doesn’t have its own folder like the other two subdomains.

and those other 2 subdomains, created in Vpanel/Subdomains, are listed under subdomains. they don’t have that message. they do have their own folders on the server.

why isn’t the first subdomain in its own folder on the server? shouldn’t it be that way?

what happens if I rename or remove the first subdomain, does that break the functionality of the other 2 free subdomains, or delete them, or how does that work

The domain created with the account is in the htdocs folder. All other additional domains will have their own folder with their name. Inside which there will be another htdocs.

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that’s only when you use a paid domain here.

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Those two are not mutually exclusive.

You can get free subdomains from us. You do not need to do any additional DNS configuration for those. But if you want to host other domain names, like example.com, you’ll need to purchase them elsewhere yourself. Domain name registration and web hosting are different products. Many premium hosting providers choose to bundle them, but we can’t and we don’t offer domain registration services ourselves.


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