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Hello everyone,

I am having an issue with my recent website, the photo can not be displayed properly, any jpg file shown but the one in footer, also words and paddings seems to be okey, too. I tried clear my caches, kept all the file size under 600kb, tried different devices and cellphones. But we are still same.

PS: I have tried to upload the index.html file but the forum does not allow new user to upload a file.

Thank you in advance.

This is what I see

Make sure file is present


It seems names do not match as well



Files are preset and works perfectly on Live Server (VS Code)

convert to PNG and Try

I think your a href error

The images do not exist, not href error, I think the error is with spaces in the filename. @ablkbs, rename the images without spaces in between.


Is it because i uploaded images in another directory so infinityfree does not recognize it.

Wdym? You uploaded it in the /jpg folder and infinityfree recognises it, but the files have been named with spaces.

Yep, make sure you upload the files to the correct directory. They are not in the right spot yet.

Also, it is recommended that you name your files with an underscore “_” instead of a space. So name the image "main_logo.png”. Make sure to change it in your code as well!


I have double checked, they are in the right spot.

idk, i am just thinking possible problems
thank you

Hello again, i have changed the names with underilens and updated the file in the server, but still images are not shown. The problem should be something else.

The only image you uploaded in black_logo.png (And that image is lading correctly). The rest of the image files are not in teh “jpg” directory. Try re-uploading all the images.


Okey, i have uploaded the photos manually into “jpg” directory, found that when i “drag and drop” entire documents some files are missing(even though I re-uploaded everything again). The problem was the missing files, and it works right now, thank you again.

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