Jpg files readed as html?

I have a problem with the gallery on my webpage:

Pictures from the gallery are not visible, I have checked links several times. another gallery with same code works fine ( It looks like pictures in folder sicgal are recognised as an HTML, not as a jpg.

Please advise.

The reason these image links don’t work is because your .htaccess rules are redirecting the requests to a HTML file. Specifically, this .htaccess rule is causing the problem:

RewriteRule sycylia pl.sicily.html

This .htaccess rule will redirect any URL containing the word sycylia to the HTML file. So all the files with that word are being redirected to the HTML page.

The way to fix this is probably to make the .htaccess rule more specific. For example, the .htaccess rule:

RewriteRule "^/sycylia" pl.sicily.html

Will ONLY redirect URLs starting with to the HTML page. If that’s not what you want, people here may be able to help you with the .htaccess rules which do what you need to do without unintended side effects.

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