Jpeg support is disabled for the php gd library now

Username [epiz_22706367]

Error Message

imagecreatefromjpeg($image) is not worked
gd_info() >
[GD Version] => bundled (2.1.0 compatible)
[FreeType Support] => 1
[FreeType Linkage] => with freetype
[GIF Read Support] => 1
[GIF Create Support] => 1
[JPEG Support] =>
[PNG Support] => 1
[WBMP Support] => 1
[XPM Support] =>
[XBM Support] => 1
[WebP Support] =>
[BMP Support] => 1
[TGA Read Support] => 1
[JIS-mapped Japanese Font Support] =>

Maybe related to this:

I noticed this too as I can not test out XenForo without JPEG support enabled. Hopefully this gets fixed soon!

Does anyone know how to report this problem to admin?

Admin will just come. No one here knows when he will comeback and where Admin is.

You can’t report problems directly to me, because while I do want to keep track of any problems on the platform, I don’t intend to communicate with thousands of people individually about every single issue.

And that’s ignoring the many cases where someone says there is a hosting problem and the problem is something they caused on their own website only.

But in this case, there is actually a larger issue. That’s why I created an announcement topic, which is where I’ve published and will publish more information:

So i just installed xenforo to my website and it says “The required PHP extension GD was found, but
JPEG support is missing. Please ask your host to add support for JPEG images.”
Can please someone tell me how to fix it.

This is what Xenforo requires:

  • PHP: 5.6 ( PHP 7.4 recommended )
  • MySQL: 5.5 (MariaDB / Percona also compatible)
  • PHP extensions: MySQLi, GD (with JPEG support), PCRE, cURL, SPL, SimpleXML, DOM, JSON, iconv, ctype
  • Common PHP functions must not be disabled

I think ifastnet have been disabled jpeg extension on php, you know. So we can’t help you with that cause we can’t edit the php.ini or the “php”. Try using another platform related to xenforo.

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Error Message

Fatal error : Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function imagecreatefromjpeg() in /home/vol9_5/ Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in /home/vol9_5/ on line 36

Other Information

working perfectly few days ago

I believe this has to do with the Maintenance performed Yesterday as a large bug fix, I believe this has Broken many websites, but there also seems to be many issues with proccessing Jpeg images, Is it possible that you could use a different format instead of jpeg?


I prefer use jpg images, all my site is coded for jpg and I’ve already a lot of jpg images in my folder. Will the bug be fixed soon?

I do not know, I believe it is purposely disabled due to an exploit?? I’m not too sure thought.

Little edit :
my images have been uploaded even with the error, the function works well but the script hangs

Ok, That may just be because of demand on your hosting node/ip, but that is normal.

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How do you get an administrator to reply to this question?

waiting, Admin is not a bot. he’s an adult with IRL works.

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iFastNet has started to update the PHP version on free hosting. It appears that they did not include JPEG support in this new version. I’m currently waiting on clarification from them about this.


Thank you very much! I changed the PHP version to 5.6.30 and my site is working again!

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