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I wish to install my joomla website at the URL I have a jpa-0.5 Go-archive that I wish to use with kickstart.php to setup my site. 2 times I have uploaded the archive on my htdocs , and 2 times it disappeared when uploading ended. kickstart.php ran ok but could not find the archive.
Any idea where the problems come from ?
Thanks for help.


Max file size is 10MB

Please extract the archive on your computer then upload the resulting files.


I have no idea what that means. Googling it only resulted in 5 hits for me, the first one being this topic.

If you want to install a new Joomla site, by far the easiest way is to use our Softaculous installer, which you can find in the control panel. You can also attempt a manual install by uploading the Joomla core files yourself, roughly following the official installation guide from Joomla along with our guides on [how to upload files with FTP(How to upload files with FTP) and how to setup a MySQL database.

If you are migrating an existing website, you can do that by moving the files and database of your website manually. This is the method described by Joomla and by us. Using backup/migration plugins is discouraged because of file size limits and PHP execution limits.


Thank you for your quick answer. Sorry for my poor English.

I mean that when I backup my joomla site with Akeeba backup, I get an archive file, the extension of which is .jpa (dot jpa), and the size is 500 Mega octets, eg 0.5 giga octet, or 0.5 Go. I understand why Google was of no help.

I have unzipped my archive file on my computer , and I have uploaded files for 3 hours. I have looked at the “by us” link. The database is no issue. The site is online. However a little bit odd look. I 'll work it out.

Question : the updating package for Joomla 4.24 is 29 Mega octets. So I cannot use the update button on the backend of my site. Neither can I upload manually the file to my website. So one way is to install a “fake” Joomla 4.24 website from scratch on my computer and I will download the core files manually. I will check as well , if the sofastculous installer can update my site.

Would you have a smarter proposal ?

Thanks for help


postscript : I have checked the sofastculous installer , the joomla version is 4.14. Today Joomla is 4.24 My site is already in 4.2. I cannot use the sofastculous installer

Oh, I think I get it now. What you’re calling “octets” is typically referred to as “bytes” in English (but not in French judging by the search results). Technically it’s correct of course, a byte and an octet both being eight, but when you said “Go-archive” I though it was referring to a file format, not a file size.

It depends on how the Joomla installer works. If it first downloads the file to disk, then it you may run into trouble. But if it keeps the update package in memory while extracting it, it could work.

If not, then updating manually is may work. I can’t find any official instructions from Joomla about this, but this StackOverflow post seems like it could work:

It seems that the catalog in Softaculous is out of date. I contacted iFastNet about that yesterday and they did update WordPress to the latest version, but no other scripts. I’ve sent them another message to ask if they could update the rest of the catalog as well, so hopefully you can use Joomla 4.2.4 from Softaculous soon.


Thanks for your concern.
Back to basics. I re-start from scratch for better understanding the specifics of Infinityfree. I am setting up a virgin joomla 424 website. I got a ssl certificate. I will tune gently , instead of dumping abruptly :slight_smile: Then when everything looks fine, I will upload the content of my site.

HI , the good news is : it works. Joomla just rev 4.25, which a 29 Megabytes package , and actually I could update using the standard canal. So far, so good :slight_smile:

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