Hello admin, I have a query, I have a site in development about joomla, my idea is to install moodle and associate it through a plugin, when I finish installing moodle successfully, I get an error page Fatal error: $ CFG-> dataroot is not configured properly, directory does not exist or is not accessible! Exiting., Can moodle be used in this free server ???, because now I can’t enter my page in joomla ???, delete the subdirectory folder and the recently created moodle folder from the root directory, I have some solution to be able to enter my website in joomla again ???

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The reason why this is happening to you is:

Moodle requires a directory to store data which should not be web accessible. However, for security reasons, software on free hosting is blocked from accessing anything outside their own website folder. So Moodle cannot work with the way security is enforced on free hosting.

The solution is creating the directory manually (inside of htdocs) and then updating config.php
$CFG->dataroot = '[pathwaytothemoodledatafolder]/moodledata';

something like that :smile:
I haven’t tested and I don’t know if there will be another problem


Thanks for answering, I have seen that it is not compatible to work with moodle from the hosting for security reasons, now I want to recover my web page, delete the 2 folders installed by moodle from the joomla root directory, you know why it redirects me to the infinitiefree hosting page, any advice to regain access to the site is welcome, thank you!

Which site and directories are you referring to exactly?

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Hello admin, I deleted a folder containing the entire moodle site that I had created within htdocs called courses and a folder outside of htdocs that said moodle (or something like that), the 2 were created when I installed moodle with softaculus, my problem did not end there, recover a backup copy of the site and delete all the content of the htdocs folder where the joomla website was, reinstall the site with the backup within htdocs and a kickstart with the same database, manage to enter to the administration of the site and everything works fine, the issue that now when I enter the front-end OR HOME PAGE I get a blank page and a 502 BAD GATEWAY error page, IS THE BLANK PAGE A PROBLEM OF THE SERVER OR ANY FILE IN THE ROOT DIRECTORY?

bruh why u blocked me from posting in the forum?

I repeat:

By that, I mean the FULL URL of your website. Not just a description of the issue, but something we can actually look at to see the error message for ourselves.

I just tried to open your site and I see the following error:

 : Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in on line

Fatal error/home/vol7_3/

I really don’t know what’s breaking here. I am not that well versed with Joomla.

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