is there JS on the Free plan and if there is how do i active it?

JS is running from browser.
Just make sure you have valid js on your host.


Javascript in the browser can be hosted basically anywhere. It’s run in the browser, so doesn’t really have any dependency on the host.

Server side Javascript (commonly referred to as Node.js) is also a thing, but not something that we offer on free hosting. On free hosting, we only support the PHP programming language.


Hmm, I had JS running elsewhere and faced CORS restriction. Maybe this is the exception?

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He meant that javascript on browser cannot run by the server but the browser. So the server cannot restrict the .js code from execution but… By CORS restriction if you are sending a request to the server itself, It is in server’s side to whatever block request-callback from browsers/devices (regardless whatever it is javascript, python, etc) or not.


You can use Javascript on a website hosted with us. But you can’t use Javascript hosted with us on another website due to the browser validation system / CORS restrictions. And you can’t use Javascript hosted elsewhere on a website here if that other website doesn’t allow CORS.


Thanks for the clarification!

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