Javascript response instead of JSON array

I have seen many posts that say I need to upgrade to premium to disable some security features defaulted by infinityfree, but none of them tell you what to do once you purchased it. I have purchased the ifastnet premium hosting, but the response I get when I try to download the JSON array is still ‘The site requires Javascript to work…’.

Can you help me with a brief tutorial on how to get the JSON response?

You can migrate the contents of the website directly to Premium Hosting by doing these steps after buying it, waiting 24 hours for DNS propagation after pointing it with the DNS records to iFastNet Premium and finally getting JSON responses without HTML code. That was because of the JavaScript validation system, that loads the actual page after it has inserted a cookie with JavaScript, and blocks even some bots.

Thank you for your reply! I submitted the ticket and got a fast response from the technical team, telling me that my website will be migrated. But I see nothing changed. Is there something I need to change in the configuration to allow me download the JSON objects?

They will upload all your files from free hosting to them after a bit of the time. After that, point the domain to them, wait 24 hours and do a JSON request with it again.

Ok. Thank you. Can you tell me what do you mean by ‘them’? So far I used ‘’ to access my files. I suppose after this change I will access my files with ‘’?

You can even point a subdomain to them; but I want to know what domain have you used to order Premium Hosting (not examples), so I can help you with pointing it to iFastNet.

So far I used ‘’ to point to my files. I bought a new domain name yesterday from ‘NameSilo’. That is ‘’. This is the domain I put in the ticket.

Point the domain to them (aka change the nameservers to them/determine the hostname of the server, then create a CNAME record to point to it) and wait within 24 hours for DNS propagation. Then use “yourdomain/file.json” to do a JSON request and see if it works.

Thank you for helping me! The technical team told me that I will be able to access my server using the same address I used before.That is great. But coming back to the original problem, after migrating it, the server will not have any security layer that prevents me from getting the JSON object, right?

The server will not have any security system that prevents you to access the JSON objects, you don’t have daily limits and you have even more features than free hosting!

Thanks. So I guess I just have to refresh the app until I finally get the desired data.

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