Javascript error, upgrade to fix?

Hey so yesterday I was running in to problems trying to update a database by using a website and java and it said “This site requires Javascript to work, please enable Javascript in your browser or use a browser with Javascript support” in the response.

Found this today:

So am I right to assume that if i upgrade my account to the 3 dollar something a month plan that I would no longer run in to this issue or would i have to do a lot of technical stuff to get it working?
I got what i needed working on a different free hosting site but this site is just really nice and easy to use so just wondering how easy it is to get what i need working if i upgraded.
Thanks for any help

The security system you’re hitting is exclusive to free hosting. The security systems on premium hosting are far less intrusive.

That said, it would probably be better to ask such questions to the premium hosting providers because they know MUCH more about their service than anyone here.