Java support?


I have read this: Upload java, file manager

Very quick question:
Can I have a JAVA webservice (deployed)?

In case it is possible “free”, please, contact me in my mail (let me know through the forum before). Otherwise … I will have to leave infinityfree :frowning:



No java server and a servlet

Web applications based on Java require pretty heavy server resources
so,mostly for this reason is not offered in free hosting


(I just found another full-featured host)

Let’s give infinityfree one last chance.

Can you use PHP webservices ?, otherwise I already have the answer.

Looks like the silver bullet I was looking for was fired.

Good luck to those of you doing college exercises, and to those with big projects … I don’t know if I can wish you luck.

You should know that first, PHP Web API Scripts are not allowed here, and the piece of code is javascript to run a challenge against browsers, and cookies do not interfere, you will just get an __test cookie, the way it works is similiar to this one on my github;, Also C# clients won’t work, due to the security system, all this is for your safety, and the servers safety :slight_smile:

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