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Is it possible to install the Jamulus Server software on my free hosting account?
This page here…
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…is my starting point which gives me access to the software bundle…
…but I’m unsure if this is the correct package.

I also tried to login into my server using putty with a view of using command lines to unpack/install the “.deb” file.

Jamulus info link… https://jamulus.io/

Thanks in advance,

You cannot install debian packages on InfinityFree. You could try Softaculous or write your own code. Also, there is no SSH access on free hosting, only premium.

You could try installing on your local computer and upload the files, but remember, PHP is the only server scripting language.

EDIT: Reading the Jamulus docs, it seems like a local app, not a web thing (only web content is allowed here). To me, it also seems like it could be a file-sharing platform (which is banned here).


Thanks WackyBlackie.

By the way, JAMULUS, is system for musicians to Jam without latency over the internet, using client & server-side software. It has been a great thing to keep Bands and inclusive music communities together during the pandemic.

I’ll have to investigate other Hosting options.

Cheers & Thanks

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I think you’ll need your own (virtual) server to run this. You can’t install arbitrary system packages on a web hosting account, because the server software is managed by us.

And our hosting servers run CloudLinux, not Debian or Ubuntu, so even we can’t install deb packages.

Thanks Admin for these clarifications.

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