I've uploaded admin folder but when I check in url it's showing no such file or directory

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message

(No such file or directory)

Other Information

(I had uploaded my Admin panel full folder after htdocs directory…but when I try to access admin with url it’s showing no such file or directory…

For example … https://website.in/admin/

Error no such file or directory

No idea since you did not provide sufficient info.


Ok what do you want ? Which information?

epiz_31976439 and website is http://licmoney.rf.gd/

Error Message

No such file or directory

Other Information

I’ve uploaded the admin folder but when I try to access it from website URL it’s showing " no such file or directory"

For example



Do not create multiple topics on your issue, that is considered spam.

Also, if you are going to give an example URL (which you should). You need to use your real URL, not a made up one.

I think this is what you need:


Ok i just leave you hosting with 1 :star2: star .

…for very bad support experience and hosting issues

I’m not sure what you mean by bad support. This is a community Forum, not a professional help desk.

Also, I linked you a relevant article, and gave you a suggestion so you can get better help in the future.

What more do you want?


I am not able to login to my own admin panel after hosting on your website.

this person’s website looks like spam anyways.

Someone tries to help you, and asks you not to make multiple topics on the same issue, and you call that bad support experience.




I would have bought this hosting but won’t now, I just came to test it, so don’t worry, I won’t do it all here

“Testing” it does not involve creating multiple topics on the same issue (which is a violation of the forum guidelines) then you insult me and a moderator. Additionally, your website clearly looks like spam because it is talking about winning money.


“No such file or directory” could also mean that you’re using localhost as your database hostname, instead of the actual value which you can find in the client area and control panel (which looks like sqlXXX.epizy.com).


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