I've moved around my .htdocs dir and now website stopped working


I tried moving my .htdocs folder from the root to my domainname/.htdocs so that it could be reached from my domain name. That led to a 404 on my domain name. Then I tried moving it back so I could still reach it at mydomain.lovestoblog.com but now that also gives me a 404. So now my website is nowhere to be reached. How do I restore it ?

No such domain.
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Website for vaneykveld.lovestoblog.com
also coupled ingredio.live

.htdocs was in root and in /ingredio.live/htdocs

Did you follow this guide?

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yes sir, but I think with moving the htdocs folder the server no longer recognizes it as to where it should look for files. Because the index.php file is in the same place at is was before (after I put it back) so it should show up at vaneykveld.lovestoblog.com but it no longer displays anything, but redirects to infinityfree’s 404 page

Please screenshot the file structure for

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Is suppose to be htdocs not .htdocs.
The extra “dot” is causing 404



thank you, solved it

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