It seems my account has been banned

I could enter to another websites, but my site is down. Im executing a script every 30 secs. maybe it is because of this.

What I only need is to recover my files inside the hosting. I dont have access to them from the Online File Manager.

Please, Infinity Free admins let me access to my files, I didnt make a backup of them, I never thought this was to happen.

From Cpanel what I get is maintenance is underway on your server

There is your answer. Please read the pinned topics before posting. This is an ongoing internal issue, and it is unknown when it will be solved. As for your files, they are unaccessible right now, which is why you should always have a backup.


You could try creating a support ticket requesting a backup. They should get back to you within 36 hrs.

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I don’t see what that would do. They will tell you the same thing you see here.

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