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Why all problems find me When I try to add cname, the add button did not work, now I write the information to add the ssl certificate, when I press the upload ssl certificate button, the button does not work (already admin added the cname record)

Make sure you upload the Private Key and then the Certificate. There is no message to say it’s uploaded, so if there is no message then most likely it has uploaded.


Could you perhaps try it with a different browser and device? The fact that multiple buttons on different pages in the control panel don’t work for you make me suspect that something may not be working correctly in your browser.

Also, can you please explain what you ACTUALLY SEE when you say that “nothing happens”? Does the page refresh? Are the fields cleared? Do you see any error or success message?


With reference to this>Ssl - #21 by anon61701043

I can see that you are using an ADBLOCKER.
Kindly remove it.(it breaks the cPanel/vPanel)

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nothing happens, neither the page is refreshed, nor the fields are cleared, nothing changes, it seems as if the button sends me to # address

i entered on the phone and as far as i know we cannot install plugins on android chrome

Thank you friends for your help, I entered from mozilla and after entering the information, the page has been renewed, I guess I have to wait now I guess I will open a separate topic for this

Would you mind sharing which browser gave you these problems? It would be useful to know that if we see other people in the future with similar issues.

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