It gives error when i try to add SSL to my website

Error Message

The certificate you have entered does not match the current private key.

Other Information

i have tried 2 diffirents PROVIDER but it doesnt changes anythink. (Let’s Encrypt- GoGetSSL)

Try following the video at the bottom of this guide. That error means you are mixing an matching private keys, OR you are not typing in the correct domain name in the SSL tool.


I have checked the private key you’ve uploaded on your hosting account, and it doesn’t appear to match any of the private keys for any of the Let’s Encrypt or GoGetSSL certificates you ordered for your domain.

Please note that certificates are linked to a specific private key. So to use a certain certificate, you need to install the private key it’s based on.

So please pick one certificate to install, then install the corresponding private key and then upload the certificate.


ok let me try thx

it doesnt workk ! i try it zerossl to but nothin is changed

Why are you requesting more certificates?

You don’t need to request any new certificate. You have many certificates which will all work perfectly as long as you install them correctly.

Please try what I told you to try before. Again: you don’t need to request a new certificate, just pick one of your active certificates to install.


Hey Admin! I did but whats wrong with this?

it says there is ssl ? But browser says dangeraus

and it is also in https

Its working fine for me.


yeah there is problems with browsers i think , opera is opening but brave :confused:

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