.it domain not available?

hi I would like to change the domain name of my account but as you can see from the screen below there is no .it domain
How could I do?

Did you already have that .it domain from other provider? Or you are trying to buy new domain?

I’ve already had the domain

Please type the yourdomain.it domain in text box which is below the word “Create an Addon Domain”. Then click “Add Domain”.

there is this error, butI have already changed the nameservers yet

You need to wait 24-72 hours to make your DNS recent changes appear worldwide.

Meanwhile, you can check the nameservers of your domain using:

DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

*Just replace the yourdomain to your true domain name.


Please note that that’s not the form to add a domain name to your account. That’s the form to register a domain name with iFastNet. You can add a domain through the field higher up on the page.

iFastNet doesn’t sell .it domains, which is why it’s not in the list. But even if we don’t have any offers to buy a domain name with a particular extension through our partners, you can host any domain extension with us.


I have changed the nameservers for 3 days but my domain is still pointing to ns1.register.it ns2.register.it. What can I do?

The .it registry, along with some other ccTLD registries, require that the DNS records for your domain are set to the nameservers before adding them in the domain, while we require that the nameservers are set before we can create DNS records for your domain. That said, you can’t host this type of domain (and some other ccTLDs) with us at the moment.


How long does it take to change the nameservers??

If the nameservers already contain DNS records for your domain, it takes up to 24 hours for them to propagate. If the nameservers don’t contain DNS records for your domain, then the new nameservers won’t be applied for the reason I explained before.

If you changed the namservers through your domain registrar’s panel but they have not taken effect on your domain name, please contact your domain registrar about this. They are the only ones who can help you get your nameservers set up, and who can check for any issues on their end.


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