It doesn't set a CNAME record for my domain even within 72 hours

After I set a CNAME record for in control panel and gor SSL Certificate
it doesn’t appear in any DNS/DOMAIN look ups services

This does not look like the control panel.
Are you sure you set it at the right place?

It is DNS Look Up service, I search my domain there and it can’t find that CNAME Record which I have set on infinityfree before

Is the CNAME in the control panel?
Please show via screenshot

Seems correct to me

Check your spelling

Is it


accounts vs acounts makes a difference

acounts is right, i did mistake in title

so, there is any cname records on that domain?

As long as the CNAME record can be found in the control panel, it’s most likely setup correctly.

Assuming this CNAME record is for SSL, it can take up to 24 hours for the SSL provider to recognize the change and provide the certificate.


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