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Hello everyone,

This is some information with the issue that is occurring with the InfinityFree Control Panel. Many people will be seeing the error on some browsers saying “Your connection is not private”. This is not specifically the issue. The issue with this is that the SSL Security Certificate that was issued for the cPanel is currently expired. I understand that the Admin is reaching out to iFastNet team in order to get this fixed.

This is the important part. There is nothing to worry about your information/account being hacked etc by what your browser is saying. The only reason for this being displayed is because your browser is unable to verify the website’s identity. This issue should be getting fixed soon but for now you can still continue to use the cPanel but that error will continue to be displayed.

Thank you for understanding, this thread is just to stop any other posts being made about this issue. Use that in outages like this

It’s not even an outage, you only can use it under http traffic temporary.

Issue then

#OperaGX (cannot on opera gx

Oh, OperaGX, the ‘Gaming Browser’, trust me, I had a laugh about that, but if a browser doesn’t support plain HTTP, is it even a browser?

I’m using normal browser for gaming , Lol.
It’s quite dumb to use these browsers since normal browsers do samething though.

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Trying to connect to https over http only

Yes… It is a good browser

It even solves my apps installer connection problems

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