Issues in Free infinity account

Hi Team,

I observed there are following major issues in free web hosting account, Website is in development phase and There is no spike or hit in usage of website but still i get issues and root cause mentioned in community is spike or high usage Which is wrong. I wanted to ensure whether following issues will be resolved if i take Super Premium plan ($2.99/ month)? also will i get SSL in Super Premium plan?

Major issues

  1. This site/page has used all avaialble php / apache processes allowed on free hosting account.
  2. Nginx 502 - Bad Gateway Error
  3. Slowness of site
  4. Search is not working properly sometimes
  5. upload size limit increase from 1mb in Super Premium plan

The premium plan is managed by iFastNet, AFAIK. You may want to visit their site to get the details.

I’ve read some of it, and yes, you get SSL certificate from purchasing super premium plan.

InfinityFree tend to keep their server alive and running. In order to do so, there are limits that must be set, which is reasonable since it was populated with thousands of people using every cluster in there.

Point 1 until 3 is the result of (perhaps) server overload, even after limits set. That’s why they decided to do server migration, hoping for a better performance and/or higher resource.

  1. iFastNet, like almost all hosting providers, has a process limit as well. But the limit is more generous that what you get with free hosting.
  2. Hard to say, there are many reasons why you’d see a 502 error. But the account limits are more generous, so it would probably work.
  3. The servers are faster, so your website might be faster as well. However, please remember that no server in the world can fix slow code.
  4. Search functionality is something built into the software, I don’t see how that would work any differently regardless of what hosting you run the site on.
  5. The file size limit on free hosting is 10 MB (not 1 MB). No such limit exists with premium hosting.