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Issue information

it is not showing my uploaded files , also there is no error message and its been 74 hours already.


you have mixed NS
delete the ones that have


and check the DNS settings on Cloudflare so that A-records point to this IP


previously CF served this parking.php

now I see some progress


thankyou the issue is solved but why it is giving error in console rocket-loader.min.js

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A source has changed (and now CF looks at what you have on hosting) and the rocket loader needs to load new data
and we watched it all live, and then until everything falls into place we see some errors.

CTRL + F5 forces the browser to discard the current cache and loads new data (new rocket loader token etc.)

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where can i see this type of interface

Website URL

Error Message

it is not showing my updated files , also there is no error message .

Please provide more info.
What is supposed to show?


if you use chrome

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actually i am using cloudfare as well as infinityfree nameservers that is why the updates which i am doing are not reflecting on my site

Except for what you mentioned about NS,
sometimes CF puts certain resources in the cache so you don’t see XY changes,
so try to click purge all in the cache settings.

.in domain serves parked.php (all white)

.ga shows this


Rule of thumb is not to mix nameservers.
Since you are using CloudFlare, you may want to purge CF cache as well as browser cache

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where can i see this IP addresses which platform is this

NS is here Dig web interface - online dns lookup tool

if you mean hosting IP, then
look in the client area (after choosing acc)
it says Website IP


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