Issue with wordpress theme

I changed the theme of my wordpress site several times. But the active theme is still the old one when opening the the home page. I cleared my browser cache, disabled speedycache, signed out several times and still no luck. Any help will be appreciated

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Please specify the domain name (address)
and the name of the WP Theme that should be displayed


Hi, and thanks for replying and nice welcome
This is the subdomain:
The theme name is Cl classified. I tried Astra too but it seems the theme is not going to change. Thanks


Does it look like this for you or not?

as far as I can see, many files from the directory /themes/cl-classified/ are being called
and I assume that the theme works properly


And I think in your case is number 3

  1. If the changes aren’t published If you haven’t activated the new theme, but you’re only viewing it as the admin, that could be why the website doesn’t reflect the new theme. See this thread for steps on how to publish the new theme.

  2. Issues with transients. You might have expired cache stored in the WordPress database. There are several plugins that can help clear this. See steps here and some plugins here and here.

  3. Browser cache.Unlikely because you mentioned that you already cleared them, but it might be worth trying a hard reset with Ctrl + F5. Alternately, try viewing the site in an anonymous window (incognito mode) to see if the new theme can be seen.

Have you tried another browser or private/incognito mode?

Please clear the browser cache by pressing a few times Ctrl + F5 while viewing your website.
If that doesn’t help (because some browsers are stubborn) then follow these instructions

If it’s none of those, then please take a screenshot and post it here
so let’s see how it looks in your browser

this is how the website looks in my browser - click here


The problem solved. The theme comes with a plugin called RT Demo Importer and I clicked “import demo content” from there. Thanks for assistance.


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