Issue With Links

I downloaded a respiratory from GitHub, which is meant to be the template for a chat website. I got the MySQL to work well, the index.php page loads well, but none of the links work, they all send to the 404 error. Is there something I’m doing wrong? I’m quite honestly confused.

Chat scripts aren’t allowed here. Sorry about that.
Btw you can rename a chat file to anything you want like:

chat.php to cheat.php

i’m confused what do you mean chat scripts aren’t allowed here

You are not allowed to use chat scripts in this free hosting service. Chat scripts are forbidden!
Why aren’t they allowed you might ask?
Well generally chat scripts uses more server resources, this can affect the server performance.

For more info, pls check the TOS at Statement 11:

hold on it isn’t javascript, it’s php. it’s not like a chatroom thing, it’s like a message board website. i dont know if this makes a difference but i’m just gonna say it

Thanks for the info.
Oh so a message board, like a forum?
Well I don’t see any problem if you set up a site like that but remember to not overexceed your server usage limit.

yeah like a forum, i think you were thinking something like discord?

Yep because on your last post you just said:
“for a chat website”

Now about the error. Well what software did you use? I do recommend you to ask help from the developer tho, he knows more about the software.

it’s just plain mysql and php, the database will load and the main page loads, but links lead to 404

What kind of links that aren’t working?
Would you pls let us know what is your domain so we could check it ourselves?

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