Issue with script


Well simply I’m using this status page script to montior the health of my websites
But i faced a problem with health checking my subdomain
I tried several types of fixes
Like installing ssl or forcing HTTPS and such but it didn’t work because i found out later I’m not getting any ping back from my subdomain
So i wana know how can i make that script able to check health my website it’s really important for me since i got other subdomains i bought i like to monitor all my websites at once in 1 pages
Here’s the github i forked for the health check up

The script named : at main directory of the script , running by a schedule health check using cron in .github workflow

Other Information

1- tried forcing ssl - returning failed
2- forcing to read the website content if available - returning failed
3- making the script bybass the SSL - returning failed
4- making the script just to test if there’s a ping - returning failed

I hope someone to help me out with this problem,
Thanks in advance ,

I see the problem. The script relies on using cURL, which means it’s being blocked by the security system that ensures only web browsers can access sites hosted here.


Alright thanks for clarifying the problem
How could what can we do to the script to report success what can we check to see if it’s working or not

Sorry for my bad writing
I meant
What can we change to the script to write success in logs how can we check if the website working or not in the monitoring

For example websites like uptime monitoring how it says the subdomain is active and it write the subdomain ping too

You can simulate a browser by adding request headers for the curl request along with your website cookie, but although you have to keep in touch with the cookie expiration time, change it before it expires or else it won’t work. And also, you can do the same with Wget.


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