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So long story short, I got domain and added it to my existing account. I shouldn’t have done this, but I deleted account I was already using for my WordPress. I went to Softaculus and changed the website URL, hoping it would work. This made it worse, and now I cannot access my existing website. All I want is for the old website to be back. I can still see the plugins and themes there, but the website is not. I want to change to .com later, but for now, I just want my old website back.

This was because after you performed deletion of a subdomain, then added it back, the document root would change.

In your case I assume that the old /htdocs folder contains your old files, while the domain is actually pointing to /

Please follow this guide to move your site:

Since WordPress handles your site a bit different than other cms, you cannot just park a domain to an existing subdomain and change your site url.

You have to add your domain as a regular domain, follow the guide I gave you above, then tweak your database so the site will point to the new domain.


Does that mean none of my files are deleted?
If so thank you

You have to checked it by yourself. Normally yes.


Thank you so much. But I had another question, in the link you sent, they said to delete the htdocs and put in the new domain? so do I put in the new .com domain? is that it? or do i just delete the htdocs? I dont understand sorry.

You have to delete the new htdocs folder (so it’s like / or In this way you’ll be able to cut and move the old htdocs folder, which is much faster and reliable than copy and paste.

Make sure to always check if there was any useful data inside the folder you wanted to delete.


so I delete the htdocs file from my domain and paste it into .com . So this will change all my original website files to .com domain and get my website back? the thing is htdocs folder is there in both the domains.

Also do I do anything with the website URL in the softaculus or do I leave it as ? im not too sure about that.

I don’t actually know what do you mean by “delete and paste”.

One thing is certain that you’re gonna delete the htdocs folder in your .com domain. Then you move the one htdocs folder which contains your website.

Since you use WordPress, there’s an extra step to do: you should either try:

  • Ask softaculous to scan the installation and then update the site url.
  • Login to phpMyAdmin and tweak the wpxx_options table. From there please change the data of something like site_url and home_url to your new .com domain.



I actually deleted my old domain which had the htdocs. do you think my website would still exist after that?

il do both of this right? also how do I contact softaculous

both my htdocs are empty

Unfortunately this means your website is gone. But it is still possible that the database is still there and you might be able to recover some data.

Can you please check your MySQL Databases in your control panel?


Okay I will check now

I see 1 available database, do I go to admin? for PHPMyadmin

This means the DB is still there and you can recover some data. You may open the DB to check if there is anything in it.

Before you start please export the DB — inside the phpMyAdmin toolbar you should see something like this, then you can export the entire DB to your computer. Also remember what is the DB name.

Then reinstall WordPress at your .com domain.

After the installation was complete, you’ll have to update your wp-config.php inside your .com htdocs folder.

Change only these lines:

// ** Database settings - You can get this info from your web host ** //
/** The name of the database for WordPress */
define( 'DB_NAME', 'The DB name' );

/** Database username */
define( 'DB_USER', 'Your hosting account username' );

/** Database password */
define( 'DB_PASSWORD', 'Your hosting account password' );

/** Database hostname */
define( 'DB_HOST', 'Your DB server' );

All of these data should be avaliable inside the client area. Please try the above steps and tell me if something went wrong.


Okay thank you. some questions
-Do I just click on the export button above?
-The DB name is above right? next to the server
-Now Do I delete the domain and then delete the installation of the wordpress?

This will open up a menu. There’s another “Export” button in the menu, clicking it will give you the export.

Inside phpMyAdmin, yes.

I recommend you to start the deletion process later than finishing the installation and recovery.


okay got you, I will let you know if im facing any issues thank you

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