Issue on Website

I trying to run a Website
HTML and PHP based

But I am facing an issue. When I opened the website(homepage) in my browser, it displays me updated version of website. But when I tried to open it from icognito mode for checking its showing me previous version of website.

I made sure to clear cache and even paused cloudflare on website, but its still showing me previous version for only homepage, while other pages are working completely fine.

Currently it should be display response code 500 on homepage, but its displaying 200.
It should display error code 500 on homepage like other pages.

Kindly check your /movies page code!

Note: Movies Hosting Sites against TOS

  1. As you can see, its displaying homepage. It was supposed to be displaying 500.
    I am hoping that it will get updated, but its seems like has become a static webpage.

  2. Its not movies hosting, its just for providing movies description and trailers and discussion upon it.

I had checked It have download option too!

Kindly share direct 500 page url as sample so that we can check either it is progation issue or not!

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Link for other webpage which are working properly, and dispalying 500.


It appears that you are no longer using free hosting for your website. Please contact your hosting provider for assistance.



Yes, yesterday I have shifted the hosting, maybe a file corrupted which caused this error this error,
I hope it will get resolved.

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