Issue of Reactivation : Waiting time more than 36 hrs

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It’s been more the 36 hours my website has been in the reactivation momentarily state due to CPU limit. And I am looking to atleast get the backup done. Could you please let me know the approximate time it will take to be online again?

Error Message

( Your account was suspended because you hit the CPU Limits.

Your account is in queue to be reactivated and will be reactivated momentarily.)

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(other information and details relevant to your question)

We’re currently experiencing an issue which results in account reactivations not being processed. This is probably the cause for your issue too:


when is this gonna be fixed? My website has the same issue

your website is working now right?

Did you read the topic I linked to? Does it say anything about when the issue is resolved?


Thanks for getting back promptly. Yes I did check the thread. So, since I was on a deadline. I decided to go for premium membership in hosting for a month. So, that solved my problem for now.

Thanks again for letting me know about the issue.


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