Issue installing wordpress


I recently signed up for infinity free hosting for a website im wanting to create.

I have a domain name which is:

When i go to install the wordpress App it goes through the motions as if its installed the app and gives me 2 addresses:
And an admin one

Both the addresses go to a page im guessing is a temporary default page waiting to be edited but niether of them have anywhere to login to the admin part to do this.

I can not see where wordpress has installed when i look in file manager either.

Iv tried removing it and reinstalling it but get the same outcome.

Is there something wrong with wordpress not installing which is preventing me from been able to login to the admin site?



Can you try to remove and re-add the domain from the “Addon Domains” section on the Control Panel? That should push the changes in the network, and will take at least 72 hours before accessing the website again.

I’ll give that a try cheers

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Your domain doesn’t seem to be working at all from my end. The nameservers are currently pointing to and, which don’t appear to work. If you change that to and, that should work.

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